SHOTAM provides Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians for project sites all over India and Overseas. Our Engineers , Supervisor’s and Technicians are working at several project sites all over the world as also in the engineering department of our major clients in Japan.
We have been supplying  project staff to our clients since the last 30 years and believe in Complete Customer Satisfaction. SHOTAM helps the client reduce labour cost, handle assignments outside their internal capabilities, improve budgetary control, enhance schedule and productivity and shorten the Project Cycle Time.

SHOTAM  is one of the fastest growing and  trusted Payroll Management services providers. We specialise in end to end payroll Processing. We have been giving accurate pay roll services to clients like Mitsubishi, Japan Gas Corporation,  MELCO , Taisei etc.  since the last so many years., to their full satisfaction.

We provide an all-inclusive, timely and proficient payroll management service, ensuring to maintain high levels of security and confidentiality. Our expert team runs your payroll with total efficiency and perfection to make sure that accurate and timely payment is made to both, your employees and the government. We can be your one-stop solution for end-to-end payroll, tax management and statutory compliances. 


SHOTAM  has provided Engineers and Supervisors to the following Projects :

Sabiya Thermal Power Plant – Kuwait,
Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Project – Srilanka
Ukuwela Power Project – Srilanka
Cilegon Project – Indonesia
NUSI Project – Indonesia
Tangguh LNG Project – Indonesia
Covert Project – USA
FPL West Country – USA
Dam Head Project – UK
Khanom Project – Thailand
Ratchaburi Combined Cycle Project – Thailand
Gulf Nong Saeng Project – Thailand
Gulf U Thai Project – Thailand
Khanom Project – Thailand
Senoko Power Station Project – Singapore
Rio Tuba Project – Philippines
Pearl GTL PJ Project – Philippines
Rabigh Project – Saudi Arabia
Shuqaiq IWPP Project – Saudi Arabia
IWSPP Project ( ARAMCO) – Saudi Arabia
Hawiyah Projest – Saudi Arabia
EPC 3 BRT PJ Project – Nigeria
Empresa Electrica Guacolda Steam Power Project – Chile
Ras Laffan Steam Power Project – Qatar

Dolphoin Gas Project – Qatar

CTJV Project – Qatar
New Haripur Gas Power Plant Project – Bangladesh
O-MON Thermal Power Plant Project – Vietnam
A Vong/Buon Kuop Hydro Power Plant Project – Vietnam
El Atf & Sidi Kiri Power Project – Egypt
Aleppo Thermal Power Station – Syria
AlAweer Gas Turbine Power Station – Dubai
AGIP WLGP Project – Libiya
TIJD South Pars Project – Iran
Sohar Project – Oman
Bapco Project – Bahrain


Shotam Engineers , Supervisors and Technicians have worked / are working at : 

KSEB Thermal Power Project – Raichur
NEEPCO Power Project – Assam
WBSEB Pumped Storage Project – Purulia West Bengal
Showa Factory – Faridabad
Honda Factory – Haryana
NTPC Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Project – Auraiya
UPSEB Thermal Power Project – Anpara
L&T Project – Surat
Ambuja Cement Ltd. 58MWPower Plant – Gujarat
Bharat Commerce & Industries Ltd. 4MW Power Plant – Nagda (MP)
The West Coast Paper Mills Ltd. Power Plant – Dandeli
Aarti Steel Ltd. – Ludhiana
SWIL Ltd. 4 1MW Power Plant- Gujarat
Rajshree Polifie Ltd. Power Plant – Gujarat
Star Paper Mills Ltd. 8MW Power Plant – Saharanpur (UP)
Alok Industries Ltd. Power Plant – Vapi
Century Enka Ltd. Power Plant – Pune
Century Denim Ltd. Power Plant – Indore (MP)
Captive Power Plant – Malanpur (MP)
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Power Plant – Debari (Rajasthan)
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Power Plant – Zawar (Rajasthan)
RIICO Auto Ltd. Power Plant – Gurgaon (Haryana)
Ambuja Cement Eastern Ltd. Power Plant – Sankrail (WB)
Hindustan Zinc Ltd. — Chandaria (Rajasthan)

SHOTAM has also been closely associated with many Domestic as well as Overseas Clients for the provisioning of Specialist Engineers and have successfully recruited and supplied for their various projects, specialised manpower like :


Shotam has also been providing for Engineering department of EPC Companies Design Engineers like :




OFFICE-STAFFINg_shotamSHOTAM can also take care of all your Staffing needs. As one of the leading staffing and pay rolling companies, SHOTAM is concerned about finding the right people to meet your specific requirements. We have a system of matching profiles with your every specific requirement by doing a compliance check. We are therefore able to deliver people to fit your needs perfectly. No matter what your staffing requirement, however  large or small or complex, nothing is too small or too difficult for SHOTAM. We have the people and the system to help you out. We can provide skilled and  qualified office staff for your short as well as  long-term requirements.   We have the expertise and knowledge to take on all your staffing requirements.

Our team comprises of well qualified and highly experienced recruiters with proven performance record, who can handle senior, middle and junior positions for virtually all industry segments.

Our Reliable Recruiting Team :- 

  • Perfectly understand the clients job requirements
  • Search the Database for existing profiles
  • Advertise accordingly to collect more prospective profiles
  • Screening the potential profiles collected and conducting a compliance check
  • Talking to the short-listed candidates to evaluate their capabilities
  • Preparing the final bunch of prospective candidates to be sent to the client
  • Arranging the face to interviews for final selection and filling up of vacant slots

Working methodically, we  are able to provide you with quality professionals as per your need for any platform at any level be it in  Administration, Finance, HR or Support Services.





skill_placement_shotamThere is an enormous employment opportunity for  trained youth in the Supply Chain, Transportation & Logistics sector.

This is one industry  which always requires trained and competent youth with  good communication skills, a  high level of self-motivation,  good work ethic and discipline, basic awareness of IT as applied in a business environment, and an ability to always be a Team Player  to achieve the set goal and business objectives.  The competence, skills, and adaptability of teams plays an important role and can create a competitive advantage.

Training therefore plays a vital part  in creating industry-ready workforce and catering to skill gaps in the existing workforce.

SHOTAM can impart innovative Trainings for the Transportation and Logistics industry, covering the following aspects :

  • Cargo Handling
  • Supply and Delivery processes Training
  • Regulatory and Compliance Training
    • Cargo Logistics
    • Fire Safety
    • Handling Dangerous Goods
    • Health and Safety
    • Environment Protection
    • General Security
  • IT Training
    • Product Training
    • Operations Training
    • Maintenance Training
  • Soft Skill Training
    • Communication Skills
    • Customer Service
    • Leadership Development
  • Sales Training

SHOTAM also provides placement service in this sector.



SHOTAM provides the following Project Support Services  to overseas as well as domestic projects  :

Providing Project Feasibilities
Supply of Technical, Engineering and Managerial Manpower
Catering to all needs for staffing, HR, Equipment & Logistics
Execution of Inland Transportation of Project Cargo
Arranging Custom Clearances
Providing Guest Houses and Business Centres and all kinds of equipment required therein
Supply and handling of Construction Materials
Import and Export of Project Cargo and all the documentation therein



consultant-shotamSHOTAM provides Consultancy Services in all revenue  matters pertaining to

  • Project Equipment
  • Imports and Exports
  • Structuring imports and exports
  • Customs
  • Central Excise
  • Service Tax
  • Import Trade Control
  • Customs Special Valuation Branch matters
  • DGFT
  • Services for procurement of authorizations
  • Re-conciliations of Export Obligations
  • EODC’s,
  • Bond and BG cancellations
  • Seeking refunds of duties
  • Drawback of duties
  • Refund from Customs Department


transcription“WHERE ACCURACY MEETS TURN-AROUND-TIME”                                                                   

A transcription is the document made by copying down in writing something that you listen to, like audio tapes, an interview, or comments made during a meeting.

In earlier times,  a professional like a doctor or a lawyer used to create a client  record  himself, by writing it down. Many limitations were seen in this approach,  namely  :

  • It was very time consuming
  • It proved very expensive keeping a secretary
  • The handwriting of the secretary could be illegible at times
  • Such records occupied a lot of storage space, adding to expenses

In modern times, a doctor or a Lawyer dictates the  information into a microphone Dictaphone and the transcriptionist listens and transcribes the same into a computerised doc file, After proof reading from QA , this is then sent to the doctor or lawyer. This method does not take much time of the doctor or lawyer and this also does not require vast storage space.

We have mainly 5 types of Transcriptions, namely :

Academic : A student dictating notes / lectures to be transcribed.

Marketing : An Internet Marketer requiring a product video transcribed.

Business : Recorded business meetings transcribed into minutes.

Legal : A lawyer wanting recorded case and client history transcribed.

Medical : A doctor wanting recorded case and client history transcribed.

Medical Transcription  has become  a vital part of today’s health system and we at SHOTAM have been concentrating on this kind of transcription for the German Market. It has become very convenient because the doctor can dictate anytime anywhere using a Dictaphone at his own convenience and this is then transcribed into a permanent written record.

Transcription is a highly quality conscious service. Strict and constant adherence to the highest quality standards is essential at all times to succeed in this field. It is very important to be trained through a good transcription course as professionals like doctors and lawyers  tend to use obscure medical and legal terminologies, abbreviations and words in their dictation. The transcriptionists need to be able to understand these terms to accurately interpret and transcribe. Our Transcribers undergo intensive in-house professional training  conducted by highly trained persons, who are specialists in this field. Such trainings are conducted in well equipped training laboratories, making sure that they become thorough in their work.


  • Our Staff have all undergone proper intensive training and are thorough and experienced in this field.
  • They all have very good typing speed and so can meet deadlines.
  • They also know proper formatting of reports , history and chart notes so that the end result is as per the clients requirements.
  • Our Transcriptionists are all highly qualified and efficient.
  • We Utilize state-of-the-art-transcription technologies.
  • We Provide our clients with a high turn-around-time.
  • We give our clients 98% accuracy.
  • We are very accurate in our transcription at all times.
  • We assure you complete security of data and absolute privacy of records.
  • We Provide complete end-to-end Transcription Solutions.


security_guard2Shotam Consultants Pvt. Ltd.( SHOTAM in short ), is a part of P S Bedi Group of Companies.

Shotam Security Services, (SSS) provides Trained Reliable and Trusted Security personnel to guard your establishment, residence or commercial units.

At SHOTAM strict parameters have been defined and a clear procedure has been laid down for the selection of our Security Staff and this is stringently followed.

We select candidates only between the age group of 21 to 40, who are in sound shape and physically fit. Only those who have a minimum height of 5’7”, qualify to be considered. Minimum educational background has to be 10th Pass with the ability to understand, read, write and speak a little English.
Eye sight has to be 6 X 6. We take great pains in checking the background of each candidate and conducting a police verification to rule out any criminal past records if any.

The candidates so selected qualify for the SHOTAM Induction where they are explained about the Do’s and Dont’s, The code of conduct, The Uniform, The service conditions, The equipments and Etiquette.

After the Induction Programme, the candidate has to go through a carefully designed rigorous Training Session. After the SHOTAM Training, each candidate is made aware about essential matters like Drill movements, Fire Fighting, Basic First Aid, Proper Documentation at the Gate/Entrance/Reception, Basic Telephone, Good and Friendly Conduct with all, Escorting VIP’s, Search and Frisking, Car Checking and Parking, Control of Men and Material at the main Gate/Entrance/Reception, checking of ID’s, Patrolling of the premises.
SHOTAM Security Guards are diligently taught about the various registers to be maintained like Daily Attendance Register, Daily Occurrence Register, Daily Visitors Register, Vehicle Movement Register, Daily Report Register and so on.

Kindly give us your requirements on and we will revert accordingly with Security Solutions Specific to your needs.



housingWhen moving to the National Capital Territory of India, DELHI, one of the most important issue to be handled would be where you are going to live.

Finding a safe, clean and comfortable place of stay in a nice neighborhood, in a place that is new to you could be quite a challenge as also very time consuming and tiring for you.

Let SHOTAM Help You Out

Shotam Consultants Pvt. Ltd. ( SHOTAM in short ) is a part of the PS Bedi Group of Companies. We specialize in providing suitable furnished/ semi furnished/ unfurnished apartments for Expatriates working in Companies, Diplomats and other foreigners requiring temporary housing for their stay in India.

SHOTAM surveys as per your specific requirements and offers you apartments in the finest neighborhoods and residential areas.

We take care in selecting areas with a green surrounding, good civic amenities like proper in roads, parks and playgrounds nearby, schools and shopping complexes within the vicinity. While surveying, we keep in mind your specific requirements like Your Budget, the number of bedrooms, whether you require a servants room or not, are you wanting a furnished or a semi furnished or an unfurnished apartment, Individual parking space, etc..etc.
Do get in touch with SHOTAM and let us have your specific needs
and we will come up with Your Home Away From Home.