security_guard2Shotam Consultants Pvt. Ltd.( SHOTAM in short ), is a part of P S Bedi Group of Companies.

Shotam Security Services, (SSS) provides Trained Reliable and Trusted Security personnel to guard your establishment, residence or commercial units.

At SHOTAM strict parameters have been defined and a clear procedure has been laid down for the selection of our Security Staff and this is stringently followed.

We select candidates only between the age group of 21 to 40, who are in sound shape and physically fit. Only those who have a minimum height of 5’7”, qualify to be considered. Minimum educational background has to be 10th Pass with the ability to understand, read, write and speak a little English.
Eye sight has to be 6 X 6. We take great pains in checking the background of each candidate and conducting a police verification to rule out any criminal past records if any.

The candidates so selected qualify for the SHOTAM Induction where they are explained about the Do’s and Dont’s, The code of conduct, The Uniform, The service conditions, The equipments and Etiquette.

After the Induction Programme, the candidate has to go through a carefully designed rigorous Training Session. After the SHOTAM Training, each candidate is made aware about essential matters like Drill movements, Fire Fighting, Basic First Aid, Proper Documentation at the Gate/Entrance/Reception, Basic Telephone, Good and Friendly Conduct with all, Escorting VIP’s, Search and Frisking, Car Checking and Parking, Control of Men and Material at the main Gate/Entrance/Reception, checking of ID’s, Patrolling of the premises.
SHOTAM Security Guards are diligently taught about the various registers to be maintained like Daily Attendance Register, Daily Occurrence Register, Daily Visitors Register, Vehicle Movement Register, Daily Report Register and so on.

Kindly give us your requirements on and we will revert accordingly with Security Solutions Specific to your needs.

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