transcription“WHERE ACCURACY MEETS TURN-AROUND-TIME”                                                                   

A transcription is the document made by copying down in writing something that you listen to, like audio tapes, an interview, or comments made during a meeting.

In earlier times,  a professional like a doctor or a lawyer used to create a client  record  himself, by writing it down. Many limitations were seen in this approach,  namely  :

  • It was very time consuming
  • It proved very expensive keeping a secretary
  • The handwriting of the secretary could be illegible at times
  • Such records occupied a lot of storage space, adding to expenses

In modern times, a doctor or a Lawyer dictates the  information into a microphone Dictaphone and the transcriptionist listens and transcribes the same into a computerised doc file, After proof reading from QA , this is then sent to the doctor or lawyer. This method does not take much time of the doctor or lawyer and this also does not require vast storage space.

We have mainly 5 types of Transcriptions, namely :

Academic : A student dictating notes / lectures to be transcribed.

Marketing : An Internet Marketer requiring a product video transcribed.

Business : Recorded business meetings transcribed into minutes.

Legal : A lawyer wanting recorded case and client history transcribed.

Medical : A doctor wanting recorded case and client history transcribed.

Medical Transcription  has become  a vital part of today’s health system and we at SHOTAM have been concentrating on this kind of transcription for the German Market. It has become very convenient because the doctor can dictate anytime anywhere using a Dictaphone at his own convenience and this is then transcribed into a permanent written record.

Transcription is a highly quality conscious service. Strict and constant adherence to the highest quality standards is essential at all times to succeed in this field. It is very important to be trained through a good transcription course as professionals like doctors and lawyers  tend to use obscure medical and legal terminologies, abbreviations and words in their dictation. The transcriptionists need to be able to understand these terms to accurately interpret and transcribe. Our Transcribers undergo intensive in-house professional training  conducted by highly trained persons, who are specialists in this field. Such trainings are conducted in well equipped training laboratories, making sure that they become thorough in their work.


  • Our Staff have all undergone proper intensive training and are thorough and experienced in this field.
  • They all have very good typing speed and so can meet deadlines.
  • They also know proper formatting of reports , history and chart notes so that the end result is as per the clients requirements.
  • Our Transcriptionists are all highly qualified and efficient.
  • We Utilize state-of-the-art-transcription technologies.
  • We Provide our clients with a high turn-around-time.
  • We give our clients 98% accuracy.
  • We are very accurate in our transcription at all times.
  • We assure you complete security of data and absolute privacy of records.
  • We Provide complete end-to-end Transcription Solutions.

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