Being a Graduate alone may not ensure that you get a suitable job in a reputed firm. Employers look beyond graduation to ensure that the candidate selected by them have the right skills and competence suitable for their organization. Every sector/profession /organization has its own very specific skills, abilities and basic knowledge required for a candidate to work successfully. These soft skills are often overlooked by a new job seeker.

Business Acumen

When going for an Interview, a candidate has got a lot of reading and understanding to be done to find out about the company, the nature of its work, the products, its competitors etc etc . During the interview you can then show that you have a basic understanding about the organization, its products and services and this will increase your chances of being shortlisted / selected.


Employers generally prefer to select candidates with good communication skills. You have to be able to speak well, write well and most importantly listen well. Over enthusiasm often leads to interruptions and not being a good listener. It is important to listen to what the interviewer is asking and reply in a clear, concise and focused way.

Persuasion and Negotiation

A candidate who is able to put up his points rationally, taking into consideration the interviewers viewpoint, to reach a common consensus, displays his negotiation and persuasion skills. Such a candidate stands a better chance of being shortlisted and selected.


It is important to be a good team player having the ability to delegate and take on responsibilities. Its up to you to show the Interviewer that you can work well in a group, building a positive working relationship with all.

Problem Solving

A candidate needs to assure the Interviewer that he has problem solving skills.
An employer prefers a candidate who can solve problems and resolve issues within the team amicably without letting the work suffer. Working life may present many challenges. You need to show the employer that you are a kind of person who will face challenges and find a way through.


Graduates need to show potentials to motivate the team and other colleagues working with them. work assignment, division of tasks, setting deadlines, leading by good example etc. etc. They may not be considered for a managerial position right away but such candidates generally get promoted quicker to the managerial level.


It is important to show the employer that you can prioritize your work efficiently, managing your time well. Let them know that you focus on what is important and get that done first. Let them know that you strongly believe in meeting set deadlines

Ability to work under pressure

Any work would have its share of tensions, deadlines, crisis etc. You have to show the employer that you are a calm person and even under pressure and in a crisis you can work efficiently and also motivate others to do so instead of loudly cribbing and shouting and creating a negative atmosphere which ultimately effects the work.


It is of utmost importance to show confidence in the workplace. You need to strike a proper balance as over confidence could be seen as arrogance, which will go against you. A good employee must have confidence in himself, his organization, his employer and colleagues.

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