skill_placement_shotamThere is an enormous employment opportunity for  trained youth in the Supply Chain, Transportation & Logistics sector.

This is one industry  which always requires trained and competent youth with  good communication skills, a  high level of self-motivation,  good work ethic and discipline, basic awareness of IT as applied in a business environment, and an ability to always be a Team Player  to achieve the set goal and business objectives.  The competence, skills, and adaptability of teams plays an important role and can create a competitive advantage.

Training therefore plays a vital part  in creating industry-ready workforce and catering to skill gaps in the existing workforce.

SHOTAM can impart innovative Trainings for the Transportation and Logistics industry, covering the following aspects :

  • Cargo Handling
  • Supply and Delivery processes Training
  • Regulatory and Compliance Training
    • Cargo Logistics
    • Fire Safety
    • Handling Dangerous Goods
    • Health and Safety
    • Environment Protection
    • General Security
  • IT Training
    • Product Training
    • Operations Training
    • Maintenance Training
  • Soft Skill Training
    • Communication Skills
    • Customer Service
    • Leadership Development
  • Sales Training

SHOTAM also provides placement service in this sector.