Once a businessman, was getting ready to go to his office. When he reached his car and bent to open the door, a stray dog sleeping under his car suddenly came out and jumped to bite his leg. The businessman quickly pulled his leg back and got terribly angry. He picked up a stone and threw it at the dog. The stone missed the dog and it ran away.

Upon reaching his office, the businessman calls a meeting of his managers and during the meeting he takes out the anger he had on that dog, on them. He shouted at all his managers for poor performance.

The managers also got upset by the scolding’s of their boss and they came out of the meeting irritated and angry. All of them took out their irritation on the department heads working under them. They shouted at all for not bringing in good business and not monitoring the work of their staff correctly and closely.

This chain reaction goes on. The staff working under each department head were called and they got a good scolding for not working hard enough.

The anger this way goes down to the lower level of employees and finally, the anger reaches  the office peon. Now there is no one working under the peon.

The office peon also gets angry  when some staff shout at him. He becomes off mood and grumbles to himself the full day. After office is over, he goes home, and his wife opens the door. She asked him, “Why are you so late today?” The peon being still upset due to anger thrown at him by some staff, gives one slap to his wife! And shouts  “I didn’t go to the office to play football; I went to work so don’t irritate me with your stupid questions!”

Now the wife got upset because  she got a scolding plus a slap for no reason. She puts her anger on the child , a son who was watching tv She gives him a tight slap  and shouts  “This is all you do the full day long tv,…tv….tv, you have no interest in studying! Turn off the TV now and get out of my way !”

The son upset now, angrily walks out of his house and sees a dog passing by looking at him. In his anger and frustration, he picks up a stone and throws it, hitting the dog. The dog barks loudly and runs away yowling in pain.

This was the same dog that had tried to bite the businessman in the morning.

You always reap as you sow. This is how life works. While we all worry about hell and heaven based on our deeds, we should concentrate more on how we are living and behaving. Do good, and good will come to you, do bad and bad will come to you.


Life is a mirror. What do you see in it if you stand in front ?

You see yourself. So, if you are kind and good you see kindness and goodness. If you are cruel and bad you see evil and bad.

Please All Of You Think About This

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