Having your cell phone at work can be useful but it could also be very disruptive.
When it comes to using your cell phone in the office work place you have to be mindful of your co workers – they may be in various stages of concentrated work and your loud talking jars them. kindly chose a private spot for your personal talks to keep it private as it should be. Do remember that walking up and down in the corridor outside and talking loudly on your cell phone is equally irritating. kindly step out or step in the conference room if vacant or rush to the cafeteria or terrace or any other vacant space. The sounds of different ring tones going off at all times can be very annoying to others. You need to therefore keep your cell on silent or vibration mode during the time you are in the office work area. Two place where you should not take in your cell phone are :

the conference room as it is a disturbance to the speakers and the other participants. It is also most insulting for the speaker to see someone rush out with his/her cell stuck to the ears in the middle of his talk. Seriousness is lost , continuity is lost and above all it is just not fair on the speaker who has taken the trouble and the time to prepare his lecture for you.
the wash room as it is an invasion of your co-worker’s privacy
you never know who is in there and you go in talking on your cell phone.
Above all the person on the other end can hear the toilet sounds like the toilet flushing, the running taps… etc etc which is truly revolting.

Wastefulness of paper, current and power, needs to be avoided at all times.
We all have to be a little more environment conscious. We all know that we have to save our trees. Many trees are cut to make paper hence we should sincerely
rethink-reduce-reuse-recycle as far as possible. Take print outs only and only when required. Similarly, we need to conserve electricity and power by switching off computer during lunch time or when away from desk for a long time. You must get into the habit of switching off the light and fans and ac while leaving for the day. Moreover, if you see any light/fan/ac on in an empty room, just switch it off.

Consumption of pan, ghutka, tobacco, snuff and cigarettes inside the office and in your work area has to be avoided at all times. Other bad mannerism like continuously shaking your leg, loudly clearing the throat, yawning loudly with a sing song sound. swinging on your squeaky chair, loud phone talks etc….. should be avoided.

We all need to be conscious about our personal hygiene in office.
Carry mouth fresheners / cloves / cardamom etc for use especially after a smoke outside the office. Bad body odor can be checked with talcum powder, roll ons and deodorants.

Washrooms need to be left neat and clean after use. Please flush properly after use and do check that the tap is closed tight and not dripping. Use the waste basket avoiding littering.

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