Etiquette is the rules of polite or correct behavior in a society or among members of a profession.

More simply, it means knowing how to behave in different situations and different places
Office etiquette is very important if you want to show your upbringing and set a good example for others to see and follow

A recent office etiquette survey showed that the number one breach of office etiquette was cursing in the workplace, using foul street language. We must realize that this makes other co-workers, especially ladies, very uncomfortable. It may have become a force of habit for you but then you need to change and get conscious about this so that you watch your language in the office work area.

The survey also brought to light that the next 5 most common etiquette breaches were :

Use of cell phones in the work area
Wastefulness of paper, current and power
Bad habits like pan, ghutka, chewing gum, snuff, tobacco and cigarettes
Poor personal hygiene
Washroom etiquettes

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