Success and Failure are the two sides of the same coin

Success comes from good decision
Good Decision comes from experiences
Experiences you gain from your failures
Do Not fear failing. The only thing to do when you fail is to learn from your mistakes and not to repeat them again in future.
Never be disheartened or blame yourself for failures. you should take up the challenge and try again , this time with better approach and stronger efforts
 ” If At First You Don’t Succeed, TRY, TRY, TRY again “
Do you know, Thomas Alva Edison failed 1000 times and then he succeeded in finding out a suitable and successful solution for a light bulb.
There is no need to fear failure. You have to be strong and move ahead and try again, learning from your mistakes to put in better efforts in a better way using better tactics and approach and you will surely complete your tasks successfully.


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